My teaching philosophy is the well-being and improvement of my students. I teach people, not systems. There are no two golfers exactly alike; nor is one method of golf instruction equally effective for all types of players.

I will teach you according to your own unique physical characteristics and capabilities. You will learn to complement your strengths and focus on those aspects which need the most improvement. In an uncomplicated manner,

I will help you to understand the basic golf swing fundamentals and components of proper technique and mechanics. I will help you develop a more consistent golf swing that works with every club in your bag.

You will learn self analysis and the proper way to practice. You will understand the process of learning and applying simple and repeatable motor skills to your golf swing that will last a life time. 

But remember that in golf, you get out of it in direct proportion to what you put into it. So, practice is an important element of learning.

Hourly Lessons
Private Lesson (Over 16)   1 Hour

  HK$ 1,100   BOOK NOW
Private Lesson (16 & Under)   1 Hour

  HK$800   BOOK NOW
Lesson Packages
4 Lesson Package

  4 Hours

  HK$ 4,300   BOOK NOW
6 Lesson Package

  6 Hours

  HK$ 6,300   BOOK NOW
8 Lesson Package

  8 Hours

  HK$ 8,200

10 Lesson Package

  10 Hours

  HK$ 9,900

Junior Golf Package (16 & Under)

  6 Hours - 1 - 4 Children   HK$ 4,500   BOOK NOW
Parent/Child Package

  4 Hours - 2 - 4 People

  HK$ 4,100

On Course Training: 1 hour at Course Driving Range + 18 Holes / 9 Holes
One Person   HK$4,400/2,200 + Expenses   BOOK NOW  
Two Persons   HK$4,900/2,450 + Expenses   BOOK NOW  
Three Persons   HK$5,400/2,700 + Expenses   BOOK NOW  
Note: On course training is conducted on weekdays only