There are many different ways of taking a golf lesson. The most common of which is at a local driving range. There you will learn the basic fundamentals and develop the techniques of a golf swing, build a solid routine, and learn the rules of golf and etiquette of the game. Once you have acquired the basics, you will then want to go to the golf course and attempt to use what you have learned.

Does the following sound familiar? "I have a perfect swing on the driving range but I can't seem to bring it to the golf course." If you have mentioned this at least once during a round of golf, you might want to consider taking a playing lesson.

An on course training lesson could be the key to your game. It's a lesson that is just as valuable as learning to swing your golf clubs. It's a lesson on the golf course with a PGA Golf Professional, learning How to Play Golf.

A lesson on the driving range will consist of many ways to understand your golf swing. A lesson on the golf course not only enhances the understanding of your golf swing, but it will take you to the next level, a lesson in course management.

During an on course training lesson you will learn how to think and act on a golf course. Most people can ruin their game by over analyzing their swing during play. The golf course is neither the time nor place to do such a thing. It is the time and place to use your practiced pre-shot routine and kick into your "imagination of situation" or course management mindset. Good course management skills lend itself to a successful day on the golf course. Consider the following as part of your instruction during a playing lesson:

  • Analyzing wind direction
  • Understanding terrain or lie of the ball and justified stances
  • Golf equipment and club selection
  • Shot selection
  • Judgment of distance
  • Rules of golf (discussion as the situation demands)
  • Etiquette of play
  • Pace of play, playing through, letting others play through
  • Relaxation and patience
  • How to analyze what you may need to practice after your round of golf

An on course training lesson can take more time per hole than a normal round of golf.  Plan your tee-time accordingly so as not to hold up others on the golf course (or you will learn the concept of "letting others play through" very quickly in your lesson!) This is the most overlooked lesson format of them all, yet possibly the most valuable towards the development of your game. And finally, remember that it is a lesson and not a test. Don't go out to try and shoot your best round ever.  Stay focused on the techniques you have learned and pay close attention to your coach.

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