Q: How to get a USGA Handicap Card?
A: Handicap Cards

Q:How to Post a score? What is slope/course rating?
A: Posting Scores

Q: Are these handicaps accepted at any course?
A: Yes, they are official USGA Handicaps and are accepted worldwide.

Q: How do I change a score if I make a mistake?
A: if you make a mistake, simply send us an email with the details and we will review it and amend it if applicable.

Q: When and were did golf originate?
A: History of Golf

Q: How do I know what are the right grips for my clubs?
A: All About Grips

Q: What is the difference between a 2 piece and wound ball?
A: Golf Ball Information

Q: How old can a child start to learn golf?
A: 3 year old is a good age to introduce children to the game.

Q: Is your PGA golf School sanctioned or endorsed by the US PGA?
A: Our PGA Golf School is not a sanctioned event of the PGA of America nor is it a certification program.  It is simply a golf training program that is taught by USPGA Members at a recognized PGA Facility.

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